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Dr. Stephanie Brown, Superintendent/Curriculum Director

Milltown Public Schools curriculum is aligned to the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards and Common Core State Standards in grades K-8.  Instructional programs and strategies are based on the latest educational research and best practice models to support high student achievement.

Common Core State Standards: PowerPoint explanation

Kindergarten Program Description

NJ DOE Kindergarten Initiatives

NJ DOE Truth About Kindergarten


NJ DOE Curriculum Mandates

New Jersey Amistad Commission

New Jersey Commission On Holocaust Education

New Jersey Italian Heritage Commission


Grade Level Curriculum Brochures
Pre-K first third fifth seventh
Kindergarten second fourth sixth eighth
Language Arts Literacy

Common Core Standards
Parent Roadmaps to the CCSS Language Arts:
K    1st    2nd    3rd    4th    5th    6th    7th   8th

Language Arts Curriculum Grades K - 5 
Language Arts Curriculum Grades 6 - 8
Writers Workshop Explanation
Reading Proficiency Level Chart
Lexile Measure Explanation
Fountas & Pinnell Text Level Explanation
Genocide Mandate by State Legislature
K-5:  Journeys, Houghton Mifflin, Program Overview

6-8:  Prentice-Hall Literature, PearsonProgram Overview


Common Core Standards
Parent Roadmaps to Common Core State Standards:
K    1st    2nd    3rd    4th    5th    6th    7th    8th 

District Curriculum grades K-5
District Curriculum grades 6-8
K-5: enVision Math Common Core
6-8: Holt Mathematics Common Core
6 HON:  Pearson, Prentice Hall MS Math Course 1
7 HON:  Glencoe Math Accelerated 7
8 ACC:  Glencoe Algebra I


State Standards
District Curriculum grades K-5
District Curriculum grades 6-8
K-5:  Scott Foresman Science Research Studyview student book online

6-8:  Interactive Science, Pearson

Social Studies

State Standards
District Curriculum
Constitution Day Requirements and Lessons
K:  Silver, Burdett, Ginn Kindergarten Place
1-2:  Nystrom, Atlas series, resource link
3:  Harcourt, Our Communities
4:  Scott Foresman, New Jersey
5:  Scott Foresman, The United States, research and validity
6:  Glencoe, Journey Across Time: The Early Ages
7:  Glencoe, The American Journey: The Early Years
8:  Glencoe, Civics Today- Citizenship, Economics, and You

Health and Physical Education
State Standards
District Curriculum

Visual and Performing Arts
State Standards
District Art Curriculum
District Music Curriculum

Technology Literacy
State Standards
District Curriculum
World Languages
World Language Program Description
World Language Proficiency Standards
State Standards
District Curriculum
Library Skills
National AASL Standards

District Curriculum
21st Century Skills
State Standards

District Curriculum

English as a Second Language
TESOL ESL Proficiency Standards

WIDA English Language Proficiency Standards
District Curriculum

State Expectations
District Curriculum

Gifted and Talented
State Expectations
District Curriculum
Curriculum Compacting Model
Enrichment, G&T, Compacting, and Honors Presentation



District Curriculum

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