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Board of Education
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2017-18 Board of Education

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 Mr. Bill Petscavage, President. Ms. Trina Mehr, Vice President. Mrs. Joanne Demetrio, Board Member. Mrs. Christa Hannon, Board Member. Mr. Jim Lloyd, Board Member. Ms. Dawn Milburn, Board Member.

  Mr. Carl Schneider, Board Member. Mrs. Jennifer Spisso, Board Member. Mrs. Carolyn Viola, Board Member.


2017-2018 District Goals

Goal 1:  

Student Achievement


Provide PARCC data analysis to assess progress and uncover trends.

Goal 2: 



To provide the least restrictive educational environment for all learners.

Goal 3:



Provide data and insight to inform proposals and decisions.

Goal 4:



Provide professional development to support staff proficiency in technology integration.


Milltown Board of Education - Committee Members & Liaisons


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