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Superintendent's Message



Stephanie A. Brown, Ed.D.

Superintendent & Curriculum Director





Welcome back to the 2017-18 school year!  I know we are well rested and ready for another year of strong, holistic education that includes rigorous academic preparation rooted in strong instructional practice.  Our administration and teachers have been working throughout the summer to prepare an updated Language Arts curriculum at grades K-8 and an updated Math curriculum in grades 3-5.  We have also written a strong introduction to the first six weeks of school based in the Responsive Classroom, which is a research-based social emotional management model that we are expanding to our Middle School Advisor classes this year.  For more information on Responsive Classroom and the First Six Weeks of School please go to https://www.responsiveclassroom.org/category/first-weeks-of-school.


Milltown Schools will embark on our second year in our Strategic Plan: Vision 2019.  Committees will focus on co-teacher, homework, grading, summer programs, full-day kindergarten, teacher hiring and retention, social media, teacher articulation, and Green projects.  Please reach out to me, if you are interested in participating on any one of the committees. 


As part of our strategic plan, we are working very hard to maintain transparent communication with all stakeholders.  Please subscribe to our district Facebook and Twitter feeds, and visit our district and school websites often for information related to our school community.  If you are uncomfortable with something you hear about your child’s school or daily interactions, consider the following recommendations made in the August 24, 2017 article A school district takes on fake news –about itself in The Washington Post:
-- Call the school and identify yourself, so that a productive two-way communication may be established. 
-- Go first to the source of your concern, such as your child’s teacher before contacting the principal. Our teachers are very responsive and will do their best to address the issue first-hand.
-- Avoid expressing unsubstantiated or misrepresented information in a public forum.
-- Use appropriate committees and other key communicators, such as the PTA, to raise questions about a rumor and other information that was not received directly from the schools.
-- Take your child’s reporting of information with a healthy dose of skepticism, as kids often perceive things differently than adults.
A child’s belief in their teachers and their academic career is grounded in the attitudes that their parents communicate about their local school and education in general.  It is important to allow the administration to partner with you in resolving issues, and recognize that we are all focused on the best educational experience for your child.

According to our district Professional Development Plan, which is a collaborative effort among teachers and administrators, we will be focusing on several important areas this year.  As safety is our top priority, we have already begun to meet for crisis team training in reviewing and revising our district crisis manual and protocol for emergency drills.  This training will be facilitated by expert consultants with backgrounds in law enforcement and will continue throughout the school year, and involve key personnel beyond the schools, such as local police and SACC employees.  Additionally, as a result of our annual needs assessment survey, technology integration was selected as a focus area.  This training will focus on best practice instructional models that will capitalize on our continued expansion of devices, resources and infrastructure capacity in our district. More information about the consultant team we are working with in this regard can be found at http://www.dellicker.com/home.html .  All our teachers will continue to participate in professional learning communities and study groups that allow for in-person meetings and electronic forums that promote dialogue about teaching and learning directly related to their content areas and district goals.


Our work will continue to focus on curriculum, instruction and the social-emotional aspects of providing a high quality education for all our Milltown students.  I look forward to a purposeful, joyful, and extraordinary year!


Yours in education,


Dr. Stephanie Brown



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