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Panda Learning Academy

Parkview Panda Learning Academy

A tuition-based program designed to provide a full day learning experience for our Parkview School half-day Kindergarten students.



Students in our Panda Learning Academy are exposed to a wide variety of experiences to expand creative thinking and make each day exciting.  The curriculum is based on a hands-on science program, where students are learning to question, observe and investigate the world around them. Lessons are integrated with math and language arts, and are designed to develop and strengthen their critical thinking skills and promote self confidence.

In Panda we also provide  students the time they need to grow socially and emotionally.  Each day students are given many opportunities to interact with their peers.  They learn to practice tolerance and be respectful of each other.  Students are always encouraged to share their ideas and be respectful of these ideas.  

The Panda Learning Academy is one small intricate component of your child’s day but in it we strive  to develop and inspire the children to love learning, love school and become lifelong learners.  

 Panda Learning Academy Instructional Guide

 Key Program Benefits

  • Based on an educational model that aligns to the Parkview Kindergarten standards and includes activities that are developmentally engaging and enriching.
  • The Panda Academy session runs the opposite time of the Kindergarten session that your child attends. For example, if your child is in AM Kindergarten, then he/she would be in the PM Panda Academy.
  • When Kindergarten schedules are released, you will be made aware of the Panda Academy session for your child.
  • The Panda Academy begins and ends at the same time as Parkview's regular school day.
  • Academy instructor is a certified teacher employed by Milltown Public Schools.
  • Children have a special lunch period in the cafeteria with an assigned lunch aide.
  • Students have a scheduled recess and rest time in between sessions.



$50 registration fee plus $400 monthly tuition

AM and PM sessions available


How to Register

  • Use the link below to complete the Panda Learning Academy registration form.
  • Registration for the Panda Learning Academy is on a first come, first serve basis. (Students registered in the Milltown Kindergarten program will receive first preference.)
  • Opportunities to register and ask questions will be offered at the Parkview Kindergarten registration.
  • A Panda Academy Orientation is scheduled each year in late August to meet our teachers, share our curriculum and answer questions.


Panda Learning Academy Registration Form ← Click Here

Please submit form to Parkview School main office.


Panda Learning Academy. A window into Learning.


 Students explore bulbs.

Students taking a nature walk.

Students perform pumpkin volcano science experiment.

Students perform a mystery science lesson on force.

Students were introduced to momentum by creating ways to slow down a train as it goes down an ice ramp.

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